Medication and treatment

Apart from changing my diet, the other method of controlling my Diabetes is through drugs.

I was initially prescribed two different types of drug – Metformin and Gliclazide. I am now just taking Metformin.

glic_280Gliclazide works mainly by stimulating the beta cells in the pancreas, causing more insulin to be produced. This helps to decrease the amount of sugar in your blood. It’s a fast-acting drug designed to reduce blood sugar levels quickly. My GP prescribed this because I had what she described as one of the highest blood sugar levels she had seen in a patient for some time.

metf_280Metformin allows the body to make better use of the lower amount of insulin which occurs in the kind of diabetes mellitus known as type 2 diabetes. I am currently taking 3 x Metformin tablets per day, 2 in the morning and one in the evening.