Cycling videos


Here are some videos shot using my Contour ROAM2 camera.

This was the first footage I shot on my bike using the ROAM2, just to test it out and demo the quality.

This one is my entire 20km ‘basic’ training route, at roughly 7 times normal speed. This route takes me from Tilehurst, out through Theale and on to Pangbourne before returning home via the Oxford Road.

Some footage from my first (60 mile) Sportive.

This is a clip from my 20km route, one of the fastest flat stretches on the circuit, and shows me topping out at about 33/34mph.

A near miss on my bike, A4/Theale roundabout.

A VERY near miss on my bike at 25-30mph on St Peter’s Hill, Caversham.

Fairly typical driver behaviour at mini roundabouts.